Cape Town Launch

 The Company of Prophets Conference held on 03 June in Cape Town was the launch of a new initiative for the prophetic ministries.

The event was organised to open the lines of communication and draw together interested prophetic people, and to present the vision, values and heart of the new prophetic network now known as the Company of Prophets. It was the second such event, after the initial conference was held in Gauteng to initiate a networking of prophetic people in South Africa. A similar event was held later in Durban.

There is a growing sense that the Lord is gathering the ministries together for the Body of Christ according to the vision of Ezekiel 37. And this conference was a gathering of people who have a heart for the City and the nation, to see the Word of God change our society for His Divine purpose.

 The Company of Prophets leadership team members were Janet Brann-Hollis, Anita Giovannoni and Andries van Heerden. Each of them has a well-established prophet’s ministry which has blessed the churches for many years, and their message was clear:

  • There is a need to raise up God’s prophetic witness to this nation, with credibility, honour and heart relationships between the prophetic ministries;
  • There is a need to open the way for the next generation of prophetic ministries, with guidance and development of budding prophets; and
  • The prophetic ministries have a calling to minister to the Body of Christ and to the nation in these days of transition to better things.

The Company of Prophets has been given a mandate by the Lord to bring together such prophetic people into a network which will serve these purposes from the heart of God.

Gathering Together

Janet spoke about this strong desire that the Lord put on her heart to gather a company of prophetic people to build credibility of the prophetic ministry and words for the nation.

This company will put emphasis on heart relationships and hearing God, establishing trust, working for the common good, and seeking Kingdom Governance in the City. Part of the assignment is to undergird the government in the City, and undergird the church in the city.

It will mean laying down differences and finding one another in different expressions of ministry, according to what the Lord has given each one to do. It will mean working with the Apostolic to bring about maturity in the Church so that the market place and seven mountains of society can be affected.


But to have a strategic voice to be raised, there needs to be alignment. One small voice in Fish Hoek or in Table View is not going to change government. To be positioned in alignment we need to recognise what God is doing in the city now, like the Sons of Issachar, who knew the times and seasons.

We know that God has said that He does nothing except by revealing His secrets through his prophets.  So, we need to know by revelation, and connect in the spirit together, knowing what god wants in the house and in the city, and having a heart for it and a heart for the prophetic.

Alignment is not about hierarchy and control. It’s about family. We want to join together as a family, learning from one another. It’s about a culture of submission and honour – honouring the leaders of our city, of our house – the church leaders, and government leaders.

Alignment will prepare us with credibility and clarity for helping the leaders in government and different sections of society.

Prophetic Lifestyle

Anita spoke about the prophetic lifestyle and how we can learn from the older experienced prophets. This can help to accelerate the development of ministry for the younger prophets. It takes years to build an effective ministry and requires training, practice and guidance in how to relate in the Body of Christ.

She talked about many small pitfalls which we can learn from and, with the help of more experienced prophets, we can develop into maturity. God takes us through seasons and locations to develop us, and working with the prophets together will assist us in this process.

The time has come

Anita emphasised that it’s time for prophets to meet together, with their different expressions of gifting, to learn from one another, and to encourage and build up the prophets to be effective as a voice in the affairs of the nation. She spoke about the book, GOD SAID 2017, and how the Lord has revealed many things before they happen, through the prophecies written in it. This is one way the Lord is using gathered teams of prophets to hear God together and to bring guidance for many parts of society, including the Church and the Government.

It’s time to gather in Prophetic Conferences to encourage the ministry through networking and heart relationships, because it’s about the heart.

God’s Unchanging Purpose

Andries spoke about the unchanging purposes of God for His people, for cities and for nations. The prophets have a role to play in revealing god’s purposes. God has a purpose for the prophetic ministries into the End-times.

Revealing His Purposes

In these times of troubled transition for South Africa, the Lord has started revealing His secrets for society through the various groups of prophets. One example of this is the accurate foretelling of events such as the shaking of the SA government, the fracturing of the ANC and its alliances. The book GOD SAID 2017 contains many such foretelling prophecies which are coming to pass, such as the uncovering of corrupt financial deals, the wave of news that is sweeping the nation, and the corrupt control of the economy:

“The final shaking will take place to remove the economic leaches that have had a hold of the SA economy. God will not allow a new generation of corrupt leaders to simply replace previous abusers. It will not be a changing of the guard, controlling, manipulating and dominating the economy as they have done for the last century. Instead there will be purge of the spirit that has had a hold on the economy, God will start positioning His people in strategic places. This shaking will take place in the next few years.” (GOD SAID 2017 p11.)

Divisiveness over the Nation

There has been a spirit of divisiveness over the nation for over a century, manifesting through different control systems. God is not into party politics, He is into divine purposes.

The coming together of the prophetic ministries is to have an impact through unity. He is bringing the prophets together to bring the voice of God into the nation to change the circumstances.

The prophetic has a vital part to play in these times, for our nations, for our cities, for the Body of Christ, in the Churches; and you have a purpose in this as well.


In the Seven Mountains session, we were blessed to have three powerful testimonies:

  • Natalie Maimane – in her calling to politics in national government
  • Steve Morris – in his calling to social development in Vrygrond
  • Vaughan Cooksey – in his calling to business and service delivery in the City of                                                    Cape Town

These three are some of the young generation of leaders making dynamic impacts through their prophetic lifestyle. For the sake of space, a summary of only Natalie’s testimony is presented here.

Natalie is the wife of Mmusi Maimane. They were prophetically called by the Lord into politics, and Mmusi is the leader of the official opposition in the SA parliament.

She spoke about their early development in youth ministry and in pastoral ministry, while Mmusi had a bi-vocational calling into business consulting as well as ministry. But when the prophetic calling to politics came, Mmusi set himself to prepare for the future and studied for his second Master’s degree in Public Administration.


Natalie stressed the importance of their relationships with their church and pastors, with prophetic people and with a committed prophetic group which prays for them consistently. This helps them to stay on track, to receive the Word of the Lord for the things they are facing, and gives them encouragement and wisdom from the Lord along the journey. It has provided protection and wisdom in the sector God has called Mmusi and Natalie to serve in.

Their Whatsapp group supports them constantly with their prophetic input.

She believes that to have a strong prophetic voice in government you should have alignment, and that means relationships with heart commitment to appropriate people for your calling.

Governance and Authority

God gave us dominion and we need to take up our position to bring God’s government into the sector we work in and we have an understanding of our authority in a place.

But we have to learn how to bring dominion into a space. We can step into a space and exercise governing authority when we follow the Word of the Lord to administer it into the circumstances. In other words if a King has authority, but he does nothing to administer affairs in his nation, there is no governance. But if he sends out a decree or declaration the whole land has to fall in line.

We have to move from a place of authority into a place of governance. Colossians 2:5 -10, (Ampl).

We are strong rooted individuals because we are aligned, not diverted by different teachings, but aligned with Christ who has all rule. Whoever is submitted to the highest authority in the room already has authority. Many others in politics are working under their spiritual rulers, but when we submit to Christ we cannot be carried away by those other spiritual influences.

Capacity is increased by alignment

As we align with others in the circle of capacity they operate in, we expand the circle of capacity under the authority of the company we align with. The capacity of those who have won battles helps us to enter into a greater capacity as we align with them.

But alignment comes by aligning our hearts together through nurturing our spiritual relationships where God gives us heart connections.

When we press on alone, it can be difficult, because we can be isolated. But sharing with those you are aligned with in Christian community, the strength of relationships encourages you, and lifts you up for the work.

Alignment opens the way for Governance

We need to align ourselves not only within our churches but across churches in the city. The lack of alignment between churches in Cape Town is often mentioned, but it is a strategy of Satan to isolate us, because he knows that when the churches align the deliverance for the continent of Africa will begin to be birthed in this place.

We have to see in the prophetic, not in the natural, and when the prophets say that the problem is that there is a need for alignment in the churches, we have to step up and bring governance in the prophetic.

So, we need to call for the Lord to bring alignment and declare it over the city, and say Lord we want to see order come to Cape Town; we want to bring in the authority of the Kingdom, under the Lord Jesus Christ. And we want to see salvation come to Africa; start it in Cape Town! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

 Plans for the Way forward in Cape Town

Our next Company of Prophets Conference in Cape Town will be on 29 & 30 September 2017.

We have had such positive responses from people who have attended the Cape Town Conference that we want to serve them with this networking opportunity in the following ways:

Relationships & Events in the city

In Cape Town, we will encourage the prophetic people to reach out to one another and, to facilitate that, we will notify the people who attended the conference of useful information such as:

Names of Prophets and ministries in the different suburbs;

Prophetic Events that are open for everyone;

Future events with the Company of Prophets;

Prophetic Training Schools.

Contact details on request. Our Cape Town email address will be sent to attendees.

Networking with Leaders and Pastors

We want to meet with those leaders who were invited to meet the Company of prophets Team before the June Conference, and will be reaching out for that purpose.

Discovering the Prophetic Gifts in the City

We intend to find and encourage the prophetic gifts in the City that have a heart for relationships and alignment. We want to encourage and cultivate alignment in hearing the Word of the Lord, and in developing relationships of honour with church leaders. We want this to spread into the whole province.

We want to find out how the established prophetic ministries in the City and Province can be helped by communication and networking, to develop the younger budding prophets.

We want the prophetic ministries in our City and province to be brought into the place where Our Lord can use us more effectively for regional impact in these days of transition.

We want to honour and find those church pastors who have a desire to find relationships with our Company of Prophets, by being a relevant and credible network of people who have a heart for the churches we serve in, and for the Kingdom culture of love, faith and Godly authority.

We want to make a difference in our generation!

With Love and Faith for You!

Tony Cooksey