2018 National Conference Audio

Government Speakers

1.  Dr. Pearl Kupe: Sons of the nation build and govern!

2. Tony Cooksey: Get defined, aligned and refined!

3. Natalie Maimane: The role of a prophet in Government

Business Speakers

4. Bill Hollis: How to be an effective Marketplace Minister

5. Taku Mhonyera: Testimony – delivered from drugs (Business Executive)

6. Henning Schikora: Gorvernment  praying for nations

Guest Speaker and COP leaders

7. Dr Walter Penzhorn Day 1: The throne of God

8. Dr. Walter Penzhorn Day 2: Manifesting the throne of God

9. Anita Giovannoni: Gates of Iron and Doors of Bronze

10. Janet Brann-Hollis: False prophets & governance of God

11. Andries van Heerden: God is positioning you for the nation!