Cape Town Launch

 The Company of Prophets Conference held on 03 June in Cape Town was the launch of a new initiative for the prophetic ministries.

The event was organised to open the lines of communication and draw together interested prophetic people, and to present the vision, values and heart of the new prophetic network now known as the Company of Prophets. It was the second such event, after the initial conference was held in Gauteng to initiate a networking of prophetic people in South Africa. A similar event was held later in Durban.

There is a growing sense that the Lord is gathering the ministries together for the Body of Christ according to the vision of Ezekiel 37. And this conference was a gathering of people who have a heart for the City and the nation, to see the Word of God change our society for His Divine purpose.

 The Company of Prophets leadership team members were Janet Brann-Hollis, Anita Giovannoni and Andries van Heerden. Each of them has a well-established prophet’s ministry which has blessed the churches for many years, and their message was clear:

  • There is a need to raise up God’s prophetic witness to this nation, with credibility, honour and heart relationships between the prophetic ministries;
  • There is a need to open the way for the next generation of prophetic ministries, with guidance and development of budding prophets; and
  • The prophetic ministries have a calling to minister to the Body of Christ and to the nation in these days of transition to better things.

The Company of Prophets has been given a mandate by the Lord to bring together such prophetic people into a network which will serve these purposes from the heart of God.

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