Gauteng South: New Sight to Build – Regional Prophetic Conference

Company of Prophets South Gauteng Presents:

New Sight to Build: Prophetic Conference 

The presence of the Company of Prophets SA Gauteng South will be ‘announced’ on 13 October. We say ‘announced’ as this will be a day when we believe there will come a mighty shift in the atmosphere over our city and region as the apostolic and prophetic voice is established through the power decrees and declarations. Agree with us for a mighty move of His Spirit that will move through our nation.

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National Conference 2018: (Gathering the Prophets)

We look forward to having you attend our 2018 conference. This is the “gathering of the prophets”, whereby God will speak to each one of us establishing us in our call, confirming that which He is doing within.  We really encourage you to set aside these two days and avail yourself to the grace that is on our leaders lives.  Click here to view event details!

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National Conference 2017 – (The Company Gathering)


The Annual Conference to take place in September 2017, will be a time of hearing God, being exposed to other ministries, a time of fellowship and establishing vision. Two days have been set aside, as we feel there is much God will do in this time. Specific guest speakers have been invited, and other guest artists, all who are currently functioning within the seven mountain spheres of kingdom advancement.

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Regional Events

OUR REGIONAL EVENTS – what to expect!

These Regional events are being held to show case the different prophetic gifts. It is an amazing platform to get to now the different prophets in the land. We are very excited that so many of the prophets have attended and been a voice to speak up and attend. Knitting the body of Christ together.

Being exposed to the variety of prophets helps our younger upcoming prophets have an idea of how their gifts can operate. It is not easy to understand your own gift. Yes, we know the Holy Spirit helps us, but the training and preparation of the prophets is so unique that God almost wipes you clean with his Holy paintbrush, so that He can write on your heart Himself.

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