OUR REGIONAL EVENTS – what to expect!

OUR REGIONAL EVENTS – what to expect!

These Regional events are being held to show case the different prophetic gifts. It is an amazing platform to get to now the different prophets in the land. We are very excited that so many of the prophets have attended and been a voice to speak up and attend. Knitting the body of Christ together.

Being exposed to the variety of prophets helps our younger upcoming prophets have an idea of how their gifts can operate. It is not easy to understand your own gift. Yes, we know the Holy Spirit helps us, but the training and preparation of the prophets is so unique that God almost wipes you clean with his Holy paintbrush, so that He can write on your heart Himself.

The Friday and Saturday events will comprise of the local, national and international prophets gathering together, with various prophets, (those involved in the 7 mountains of society) who will share their hearts as to what God is doing within these sectors. Corporately we will hear together for the nation, for the church and on a personal level, as we make place for the giftings to operate within the team.

A panel discussion will also be included, whereby we can build on the day’s events and cover any outstanding issues, questions etc.

We prophesy, we sing, we worship, we pray, we walk with God at honestly as we can. It is a privilege to be part of this amazing movement and watch the young prophets come into their own gifts.

Looking forward to meeting you all.