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COST:  R100.00
For all those wanting to grow into their prophetic call… This course is for you.  You will grow in the various activations, as you minister to one another.  You will also be taught the following:
  • the office of the prophet, its function and the various types of prophets
  • true and false prophecy, how can we determine these words
  • the accountability of the prophet
  • prophetic protocol, how not to use your gift
This course will skill you and encourage you to go further in your prophetic call!


COST: R100

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Prophetic & Media Perspectives
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Purpose and Vision


  • To be a national apostolic/prophetic movement, a new wineskin for this season whreby we are a voice of reformation and change within the seven mountain spehres of society.
  • To be a body whereby we facilitate the birthing of a Kingdom culture within 7 mountains of governance.
  • This kingdom culture must be birthed, within in the church mountain.
  • To build and grow networking relationships between the church mountain and other mountains.
  • To be an accountable body to the greater network of international apostles/prophets, thereby providing a safe environment for all who connect and possibly minister within COP.


  • Provide a platform for Apostles/Prophets to identify themselves within 7 mountain
  • Help by training and equipping local church’s transition their people into apostolic & prophetic grace’s
  • To provide a platform for future ministry, through the building of structures with strong relational foundations


  1. Develop an online presence
  2. Provide biweekly sessions of training/prophetic impartation and various other types of meetings


  1. Develop teams through training and relationship buillding
  2. Grow Nationally by identifying regional hubs/leaders
  3. Develop training strategies for 7 mountains

About Us

Who Are We?

The leadership of the company of prophets is comprised of a team of seasoned, mature, tested prophetic voices, who have over 80 years of collective ministry between them.

Janet Brann – Hollis: Janet Brann-Hollis is a well-recognized prophetess who has travelled internationally for 30 years, ministering the word of the Lord across a large spectrum of the globe.

Not only is she known as a strong teacher, but she is well known for her in depth accuracy of prophetic word, and specializes in assisting pastors/leaders in the raising up of the local church prophet,  and establishing prophetic teams. Janet has a strong team of prophets that are part of her ministry teams, they have been raised to teach and minister the word of the Lord with integrity and accuracy. Continue reading “About Us”

Our History

The birth of the Company of Prophets

After much praying and several consultative meetings,  the company of prophets was birthed in 2016.  The need to form a company of prophets for the strengthening of the church, the release of prophets to the next generation, and a national voice to be represented in South Africa,  are some of the reasons, the company of prophets has been formed. Our first conference took place in Gariep Dam in the Free State province of SA.  Sixty five people attended and eight provinces were represented.

The leadership of the prophetic company shared their personal heartfelt call to forming this company, and most importantly,  the need for a prophetic company in this nation.  The timeous and strategic function,  of one corporate voice to the church and government in South Africa,  was also emphasized.  Subsequently to this conference, a closed meeting took place in Gauteng, whereby representatives of the provinces were invited to attend. It was decided at that meeting, the company of prophets should grow regionally. We are now represented in Gauteng, of which our first meeting took place in March 2017, with an attendance of approximately four hundred and fifty people.  A time of presenting the vision, prophetic worship, corporate prophecy and a time of exhortation and teaching filled the two days.  Prophets within the seven mountains of society, ministered clear and direct vision, imparting destiny and purpose.   Many delegates were left with a greater understanding of their personal calling to the mountains…. Continue reading “Our History”

OUR REGIONAL EVENTS – what to expect!

OUR REGIONAL EVENTS – what to expect!

These Regional events are being held to show case the different prophetic gifts. It is an amazing platform to get to now the different prophets in the land. We are very excited that so many of the prophets have attended and been a voice to speak up and attend. Knitting the body of Christ together.

Being exposed to the variety of prophets helps our younger upcoming prophets have an idea of how their gifts can operate. It is not easy to understand your own gift. Yes, we know the Holy Spirit helps us, but the training and preparation of the prophets is so unique that God almost wipes you clean with his Holy paintbrush, so that He can write on your heart Himself.

The Friday and Saturday events will comprise of the local, national and international prophets gathering together, with various prophets, (those involved in the 7 mountains of society) who will share their hearts as to what God is doing within these sectors. Corporately we will hear together for the nation, for the church and on a personal level, as we make place for the giftings to operate within the team.

A panel discussion will also be included, whereby we can build on the day’s events and cover any outstanding issues, questions etc.

We prophesy, we sing, we worship, we pray, we walk with God at honestly as we can. It is a privilege to be part of this amazing movement and watch the young prophets come into their own gifts.

Looking forward to meeting you all.